Celebration Workshops April 2010

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Celebration Workshops

Workshops for the show are being slated.  Please be mindful that there is preparation for all workshops and they have to signed up for ahead of time.

If interested in the drum making or rattle making workshops please contact  Edie Richards


(317) 796-6389

Drum Making


with Tony Showa, Navajo.

Check back soon

In the process of being scheduled

Drums w/beaters

Maple round frames

10” round > natural elk hide $45

 16” round  > natural elk hide $120


Oak Octagon wood frames

14” 8 sided >  natural elk hide $95



 The first sound we hear while being formed inside our Mothers’ Womb is our own small heartbeat, beating strong, fearless and good. The second sound we hear is our own Mothers’ heartbeat; it is the same strong, fearless and good heartbeat.

     It beats the same as ours, so in this way, we are always connected to our Mother, no matter if we separate because of; starting our own family, going away to school, a new job or even if we had a difference of opinion between us. We are always connected to our Mothers.

    The connection will always be there, through the heartbeat. The voice of the heartbeat is that of the Drum and not a flute, a piano, a guitar, or even a sax, and many other good instruments.

     If our heartbeat were to stop, then we die, physically. If our heartbeat were to not beat as strong spiritually, we would be easily frustrated, angry, disrespectful of others, ungrateful, no patience, lacking trust of others, low self-esteem, feeling hopeless and having no faith in one self.

     I was taught to feel the heartbeat of every living and non-living person or thing because everybody and thing has a heartbeat; a tree, a stone, animals, fishes, birds, the water, the sun, stars, moon, and everything else that we can see, hear, taste, smell and feel.

     So I make drums and tell Native American stories to help all nations. I make these drums and teach people to make drums, so they can find their own strong heartbeat and to get grounded back to Mother Earth, our true Mother.

Tony Showa  Dine’ (Navajo)

Simple words and belief of Native Americans use in ceremony:
”Take care of Mother Earth and Mother Earth will take care of us, aho”

Native American rattle workshops

Saturday 6-8pm

Sunday 1:15-2:45 pm

Teresa Webb (Potawatomi)

Participants will learn how to sew and shape a rawhide rattle.

Cost of the workshop will be $45.00 with all supplies furnished.