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Dennis Boothby

I was born and raised in small towns across Ohio.  After graduation from high school I enlisted in the Air Force.  When I got out of the service I moved to Texas where I acquired my art degree (BFA) from the University of Texas at Arlington.  Upon graduation I married my childhood sweetheart who was from Indiana and moved back to my Midwest roots.  After living in Indianapolis for several years I settled in Putnam County.  I immediately fell in love with the historic covered bridges and old barns that dot the countryside.

I have entered my artwork in competitions at the Indiana State Fair and have received several awards as a result of this.  I was also selected to participate in a juried art fair in Crawfordsville and for a fundraiser for Depauw University.  I have also had my work on exhibit at the Putnam County Museum..

I started selling my work at local festivals at the urging of my wife and my in-laws about 5 or 6 years ago.  I still attend festivals and art fairs throughout the year.  Even though I have branched out from covered bridges and barns, my small town roots are still evident in my work

."Paintings & Drawings from Your Picture or Mine"

565 Cool Evening Rd.Cloverdale, IN  46120 765-795-5150 or via e-mail boothbybunch@yahoo.com

Steven Gilbert Arts

Steven Gilbert has been creating and selling American themed home décor for almost ten years,  but is now stepping out and publicly sharing his canvas works for the first time!  Steven is a Mitchell, In native, and currently resides in Terre Haute.  Works to be shared are bright vivid color drenched works created out of vision, passion, emotion, and a variety of inspiring sources.  

For questions or other info contact the artist at stevenbg2007@gmail.com

Kace Huber

She is a multi-media sculptor, puppet builder and puppeteer. Since 1983 she has been carving in stone and wood, creating art and portraits in clay, and designing puppets with cloth and foam rubber. Workshops and puppet shows available.

Call 765-653-5031

via e-mail:

Theresa grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and traveled extensively
throughout Central and South America.

Theresa is a First Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, and combined her
love of the martial arts and handwriting analysis into her
"Handwriting Sensei" venture.

Her interest in the practical applications of handwriting analysis
led her to become a Certified Level student with well-known author
and handwriting expert Bart Baggett. Theresa has made presentations
to hundreds of people in business groups, trade associations,
university business fraternities, college crowds, and has been a
frequent guest on radio and TV shows analyzing handwriting "live".

In June of 2007, Theresa was recognized as a Certified Handwriting
Expert by Handwriting University in Dallas, Texas after completing
written and oral certification testing. Theresa was honored to
present two lectures at the International Handwriting Analysis
Conference in Las Vegas, NV in September 2008.

Theresa was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in April
2009, as "Female Taekwondo Stylist of the Year" and "Business Leader
of the Year".

She has owned her downtown store, Kamikaze Karate Martial Arts &
Boxing Supply, since 1996; she enjoys teaching the Spanish language,
and is a salsa dance enthusiast.

Handwriting Sensei website: http://handwritingsensei.com
Kamikaze website: http://www.kamikazekarate.com

Contact info:
Theresa Ortega
(812) 232-6555 (Kamikaze Karate/Handwriting Sensei)
(812) 232-6577 toll-free
Email: sensei@handwritingsensei.com
Twitter: karategirl88

Edie Richards

Graduated from Indiana State University in 1992 with a bachelor of fine arts.  Since then, she has pursued different avenues to showcase her art abilities and desires.  She worked as the charge scenic artist in the movie Going All The Way, three years as a scenic artist for the Indianapolis Civic Theatre, taught for the Indianapolis Art Center (including a semester at the Indiana School for the Blind), and as a contributor to several group and individual shows, and as the Art Coordinator for the “Celebration of the Arts and Soul” events in Brazil, Indiana.  Recently she had a show in Corsicana, TX sponsored by the Navarro Council of the Arts, work displayed at the Halcyon Gallery and at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Spring Show, in Terre Haute, IN. Her goals are to keep evolving her skills as an art coordinator and artist, besides applying for a master’s in fine arts. This summer she is excited to be teaching for the Summer Youth Art Programs at the Swope Art Museum and painting again for the third season at CCRT.

Besides being an artist she also is a certified massage therapist and a Reiki Master Practioner.

Her art work includes everything from paintings, drawings, photography, stained-glass stepping stones, to tie-dyes and more.

contact her via e-mail: edie@edieartsandwellness.com or by phone (317) 796-6389

About Tony Showa

   He facilitates drum making workshops and drum circles at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis, IN

as an artist in residence and was mentioned in "The Native Peoples Magazine", a nationally known

Native American arts and crafts periodical, July 2009 issue, along with other notable drum makers.

   Tony has lived in Indianapolis for the past four years and is a Pow Wow drummer and singer.

He practices traditional ways in Native American Spirituality. Contact via e-mail: tonyshowa@hotmail.com.

Dennis Skelton, Fine Arts Photography and Native American Flutes.

     I attended Indiana StaMeWithFlute.jpgte University in 1967 where I majored in Fine Arts but soon changed majors to Geology receiving and BS in Geology, MS in Earth Science, and A PhD in Physical Geography.  In 2002, I began re-cultivating my interest in art with an emphasis in Photography which began back in 1967. Most of my work was with 35 mm SLR cameras, but in 2004 converted to all digital.

      I view my photographic word through what I call “The Mind’s Eye”. I noticed in earlier work that what I thought I saw was nothing like what was reproduced in printed form. I soon realized that the reason for this difference was because a person’s view of natural beauty is influenced by the person’s emotional energy at the time. “What we see in our mind is not what the film or digital sensor records”. Through hours of interpretation, I attempts to print on paper what my mind eye once saw.

     Boomer-Kiowa flutes were inspired by my Grandfather who was full blooded Cherokee.  He died when I was five and just begun teaching me about Native American and Blue Grass music.  He played the NA Flute, the violin, and an instrument that resembled an autoharp, not sure what they called it.  He had no formal instruction but was able to play each of these instruments "by ear".  Of course he played the NA flute from his heart.

     Prior to his death he had began teaching me about music and particularly the NA flute.  He wanted to teach me how to make and play them.  He died just as my teaching began.  I always had an interest and when I was much older tried to create my first flute.  It looked great; however, the sound it produced was far from melodic.   I gave up flute making for many years, but later had a dream of my grandfather telling me to continue and he showed me what I was doing wrong and how to change it.  The next day I went into my workshop and started what has become Boomer-Kiowa Flutes.  The first flute I created with my grandfather's vision looked great and sounded wonderful and making and playing NA flutes has become one of my passions.  Although my grandfather is no longer with me his love for the NA flute lives within my soul.

     The name, "Boomer-Kiowa Flutes" comes, not from the Kiowa Tribe, but from the name of my two beloved dogs Boomer, a yellow-Lab, and Kiowa, an Irish Setter they died a few years ago.  Since I was a child I always owned two dogs.  Because of this my brother gave me the name of "Two Dogs".  My two dogs today are Ringo, a Yellow Lab, and Tuffy, a Jack Russell Terrier.

     I hope you enjoy my flutes and photos and they bring you joy and peace to your soul.

contact via e-mail: dskelton1@isugw.indstate.edu

Mark A. Smith MFA-IA

Interdisciplinary Artist The art work created by my hand bridges the inner and outer worlds of experience. Often we are caught up in life and do not pay notice to these powerful driving forces from within and around us. I seek to address and make visible this great portion of life that is the substance of life itself. These thoughts, ideas, emotions and environments often blend together, informing us through the events of our lives. My work attempts to harness the spirit of man and his struggles against himself and with others as we travel new paths of reality. I address two main subjects within my work that offer I dichotomy on the subject of experience. First, my impression of the things I experienced in war and the lessons I was given there. Secondly, metaphysical discernment of life experiences, and inner atmospheres with attention to thought forms, emotional movements, textures and ideas.

Please email any questions to vallyveteranarts@web.com or ruiz_araiza@yahoo.com for further information

Teresa Webb (Potawatomi)          

Native artist, storyteller and flute player.

Owner of Wooden Turtle Presentations

           Provides cultural awareness and education through public presentations of storytelling,      drumming and flute playing. Teresa creates and constructs traditional native rattles, dreamcatchers and leather bags. She also writes and frames inspirational poetry.  

Contact via e-mail: tlwebb007@yahoo.com