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Celebration of the Arts & Soul 4th Annual Fall Show 2011

Friday November, 18th 6pm-9pm, Saturday November 19th 1pm-8pm, Sunday November 20th 1pm-6pm

 Held at “The Old Masonic Temple”

201 N Walnut St, Brazil IN 47834

Hosted by: Derelict Brothers LLC / Coordinator Edie Richards

Your space will be confirmed when payment and paperwork is received.

A r t i s t & Vendor E n t r y F o r m Fall 2 0 1 1


Daytime Phone:(____)________________________ ______________________________________

Evening Phone:(____)________________________City: ______________________________________

e-mail:_____________________________________State: _________________ Zip:_________________

please submit pictures and other information via e-mail to put up on the web site to get your goods shown

Type of artwork (media), services, handmade goods,  to be sold:


Lecture, demonstration, poetry reading, workshop, or something else, that you would like to present at the show.

Saturday & or Sunday(to be presented on the 2nd floor)


Donation that you would wish to present for the silent auction (proceeds go to the Clay County Emergency Food Pantry).


Please indicate the fee(s) enclosed:

Booth Space Fee:

……………………………….8x10 @$30.00  $_____________

……………………………… 6 x 8 @ $25.00 $_____________

                                                6 x 6 @ $20.00  $_____________

Tuesday November 8th is the deadline all information that is to be put up on the website

Questions should be directed to: Edie Richards (317) 796-6389 or contact by e-mail edie@edieartsandwellness.com

Please note:  Vendors are solely responsible for money, goods & services exchanged at the show, and solely responsible for any applicable taxes.

Send Checks or Money Orders only, $30.00 check fee for returned checks.

To reserve your space:

1.       Fill-out this application completely

2.       Make Check out to Edie Richards

3.       Enclose check for $______

4.       Mail to: Edie Richards, 201 N Walnut St, Brazil, IN 47834

Questions should be directed to: Edie Richards (317) 796-6389 or contact by e-mail edie@edieartsandwellness.com

Set up will be Friday November 18th  1-5:30  Group Photograph at 5:45… if you need to set up earlier in the week contact me.

Breakdown is on Sunday Novemberth at 6pm.

Celebration of the Arts & Soul 4th Annual Fall Show 2011

Participant Rules.

The Art Coordinator:  Edie Richards

1. Booth space may not be reassigned or sublet without Coordinator’s permission.

2. Coordinator will determine locations of all booths.

3. An Application must be completed, accepted, and paid in full prior to the start of the Fall Show.

4. General Rules for show Participants:

a. Participants must provide their own shelves, display racks, etc.

b. Participants must take full responsibility for set-up and other display materials.

c. Participants must have personnel present and in their booths at all times during the official operating hours of the Show.

d. Participants must keep all displays, merchandise, etc. within the confines of the booth space itself.

e. Participants must maintain a neat and clean area in and around the space.

f. Participants must return the areas to their pre-show condition. (If repair and cleaning costs are incurred and

    The Coordinator determines that the Participant is responsible, the Participant will be billed for the cost of the repair).

5. Participant is solely liable for equipment (installation, operation, and teardown), and any other personal property at the show.

    Participant represents he or she has insurance coverage for said items to cover loss due to vandalism, theft, or any other casualty.

    Any losses due to fire, theft, damage, or injury is the sole responsibility of the Participant.

    It is specifically agreed that The Derelict Brothers LLC and Edie Richards shall be held harmless for any claim of theft, vandalism, casualty, or loss.

6. Participant agrees to defend and indemnify The Derelict Brothers LLC and Edie Richards

against any and all losses, expenses, claims, suits, damages, or causes of action whatsoever arising out of granting of the Booth Space Application, and against any order of decrees or judgments which may be entered therein, due to any injury to any person and/or property or loss of life sustained in or about the Fair, or associated with the event during the term of this agreement, caused by the negligence or wrongful, intentional acts of the Participant, its employees or agents.

I understand and agree to abide by the above policies and procedures. Upon acceptance of

my application, this form will be binding and will represent the terms of the contract:

Authorized Signature______________________________________________________

Participant Name (please print)______________________________________________Date__________

Participant Mailing Address_______________________________________________________________

Accepted by: Edie Richards_______________________________________  Date___________________

Edie Richards

Edie Arts and Wellness